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Medicinal herbs and shrubs

 In Mauritius we have a lot agricultural land on which crops are grown. In the 17th century, when the Dutch found that the soil was good for the cultivation of crops, they brought in many spices and medicinal plants to cultivate on the island for trade purposes. Today about 43% of the land is used for agricultural purposes and organic farming is being encouraged on the island to protect the environment and our health. Among those crops, the locals have been focusing on the medicinal herbs for ayurvedic purposes. As everyone knows, ayurvedic is an ancient medicine system originated from India since more than 5000 years. Here are some of the medicinal herbs in Mauritius:

1.Noni tree

Noni is everywhere in Mauritius and it is known as the "feuille tortues" by the local. The fruit of the noni tree is rich in vitamin C, A, BC and iron and has been used as juice and ayurvedic medicine. The juice has a good effect for diabetes Type 2 and body pain, helps to boost your immune system and improves the quality of sleep, reduces stress and prevents cancer as well. The local named it "feuille tortues" (tortoise leaves) because the skin of the noni fruit looks like a tortoise shell and gives an unpleasant smell. The leaves are used for the treatment of  rheumatism (joint or muscles inflammation) and those wanting weight loss, this fruit is the best to use as it is an antioxidant that releases fat from the body.

2. Curry leaves

As everyone might know, curry leaves are regularly used in Indian dishes and it is very beneficial for our health and hair. It is rich in antioxidants and protects our organs from damage. Today, we even use it as hair oil, which you can prepare at home itself. For the preparation, heat some olive oil on a pan and put aside, then heat some curry leaves in the micro oven until it become thick and crunchy. After that crush the dry curry leaves in the medium heated olive oil and mix until it becomes a green coloured oil. Lastly, drain it into a bottle and the oil is ready to apply on your hair to prevent dandruff and promote growth.

3.Tulsi Plant

We also have the tulsi plant, which is also known as Holy Basil. In Hindu culture, we plant this plant in the yard for player but it is also beneficial for our health and skin disorder even insect bites. It is used for many purposes such as in herbal tea whether you have cold or fever, only need to crush the leaves and mix in the tea or drink as a juice or apply as a paste.

4.Baume du Perou 

Baume du perou is good for fever and cold suitable for child and adult as well. The preparation is simple as you have only to heat the leaves and squeeze it into a small quantity of honey and crushed ginger(optional), then mix properly drink maximum 2tsp or you can heat the leaves and put on forehead for cold or headache.

5. Ayapana plant

 This plant is very often used for child treatment during cold, fever, burning stomach and it prevents diarrhea as well. It is beneficial for adult too, you only need to boil the leaves or stem and drink it.

6. Brede-Martin (Black Nightshade)

Every part of this plant is used in the Mauritian cuisine, it is served as curry and even as ayurvedic medicine. 


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